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Slackware Conky by sqdnguns Slackware Conky by sqdnguns
This is a Slackware specific Conky.


Because it pulls info from /etc/slackware-version as well as the latest header from the 12.1.0 Changlog. When Pat releases 12.2.0, you can edit the URL of the config to point it to the correct Changelog.

I've been working on this for the past few days getting it exactly the way I want. It is simple and clean, I don't like all kinds of useless graphs and funky bullet fonts when I can have text tell me the same thing. ( This is almost an exact clone of a Karamba I did months ago but didn't post here.)

This is a "free floating transparent" Conky, meaning that if you hold the alt key and left mouse button on the Conky, you can move it anywhere on your desktop. When you do execute the config, it will open "top right".

Feel free to tweak this anyway you want but I will not hold your hand in doing so. Please go to the links that I provided in the commented out area of the script to learn how to do this. Also take a look at other config's, they will give you clues as to how things work.


Slackware, the oldest and best distro there is. n00bs, no need to fear.....just RTFM



Large Screenshot:


I'm sure some will be asking about the theme I am using so here's the skinny:

GTK2 Theme/Style is Hunny:


Gnome Icon Theme is SudUbuntu:


Emerald Theme is Elfin-2:

ElderVLaCoste Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2011
Hey, I'm a "subgenius" so I think I'll try this Conky. :)
DeTomasso Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2010
Can I have config file? Link above is broken.
DeTomasso Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2010
Sorry, my bad. Link's ok.
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